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my sugar free diet gone bad. December 12, 2010

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I have started something new.. a sugar-free journal.

Lately, I have been not feeling up to par, and I realized it has to do with the food I put in my mouth. I will admit, I have a hard time with sweets and carbs. That is pretty much all I eat. I never really worried because I have always been thin and I figured I can eat whatever I want, right? That is not the case…I am now 27 and my body needs more nutrients from foods not just from supplements. I have experienced all of these symptoms (in order) and they have become progressively worse and have made such simple daily tasks so much harder. 

headaches/migraines, fatigue, thinking unclear and or forgetfulness, chronic yeast infection/BV, swelling of face and body, bloating, painful gas pains.

I have done a lot of research and actually weirdly (if that is a word) ran into people who have the same problem as I. They call it an over growth of Candida.  Many things cause it and  some of those things are birth control pills, taking a lot of antibiotics, excessive stress,  hormonal imbalance, diabetes, etc. Many times I would look at my webmd app and the symptom checker to see what it could be. I have never been too  concerned with my heath in the past but realized  now that something was off with my body. After it said it was possibly and overgrowth in yeast I was almost certain that it was. I would go to regular check ups and the docs telling me I had a yeast infection or BV. I had no symptoms of those but realized when I was doing research that it was because I had yeast in my lower intestines. Did some research about how eating a diet in veggies and proteins and no carbs or any kind of sugar was a must because the yeast cannot fed off of that. As I looked at the list of things I couldn’t eat I thought No way, I can’t do this and just dropped it. Later my husband was at work and another co-worker  was on a strict candida diet and told me how important my diet was. I realized then that I had to do something especially since I was feeling constant swelling, fatigue again and it was candida.

day 1-I went on a strict no sugar diet. That ment no sugar AT ALL! veggies and meat.

day2- felt amazing and swelling went away. I was so hungry and felt like veggies were not making me full. complained a lot!

day 3- felt great again but wanted carbs SO BAD! 

day 4- a little fatigue again and ate a chocolate granola bar and then went to a christmas party and ate a sugar cookie ..whoops

day 5- Ate better but started to get swelling in eyes that evening and feeling sluggish

day6- couldn’t get out of bed and swelling, went to a breakfast party ate pancakes and realized it after the fact. My stomach hurt. I stopped the diet, ate a turkey and cheese sandwich from port o subs, had another sugar cookie and a handful of Hershey kisses I won at the breakfast party.

I realized today that this is real. I need to have some control over my body and 3 days of no sugar isn’t good enough.  I am hoping this blog will help me with that. As I am typing I am feeling so much fatigue and my feet are getting tingly again too. This is so hard. I am stating over with my diet. No carbs or sugar….eehhh! …………………………………..to be continued..


A price to pay for your health October 25, 2008

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I have had it up to here with health food stores and the prices. Last month, I went to Whole foods and discovered that it wasn’t that fun to be there. I knew it was expensive but I didn’t think it was that bad,  I about fell to the floor when I looked at the prices. I have always wondered why it is so expensive? I happened to be a little hungry while I was there and I know that is a No NO when you go grocery shopping. Anyway, I decided to buy some mixed peanuts and while I was there pick up some flax seeds.. As I was in the line waiting to pay I noticed a lady in front of me. She had some strawberries, avocados, lettuce, mostly just produce. I would count maybe a dozen items  the total $130.00.  In my opinion, eating healthy like that is so over rated. I really like to save money and I am fine with going to Smith’s and the non-granola cashier. oh, and I haven’t ate anything I bought because the taste is so unappealing to me. read this article!!!!


Weight Loss September 2, 2008

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I was so excited when my sister and I decided to create this blog (mostly for my own selfish needs) I really need the support system. Especially to partner with someone who has been physically “active” most of her life. 

I have struggled with my weight and my weight loss plan (which lately is really just a guideline) for a few years now. I have heard it said, and I am thoroughly convinced that your weight plays a part in your overall health. Our bodies go through a lot of stress when we are overweight. Not to mention health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, and infertility (which is why I decided to post this topic).

I bring this up because over the long weekend I found a picture of myself (way back in 2003) when I was at my best physically, emotionally, and mentally. I had been on weight watchers for a year before going to Hawaii. That summer in Hawaii was the best summer of my life. But now, my metabolism has changed (especially since i’ve hit the 30-35 age) which makes it an even bigger struggle. Diets that worked before don’t work the same. It’s almost as if my body is laughing at me “Ha, ha, you foolish woman…this won’t work!”.  My BMI is bordering” on the overweight line which makes me really motivated to try even harder. Those of us who are trying to get pregnant now have just one more thing to add to our ever-long list of remedies, treatments and stress (not that we didn’t have enough already).

The picture is motivation. I have hung it in my bathroom as a reminder to myself what I am capable of doing. If I have done it before, I can do it again….and so can YOU!


Motivation August 11, 2008

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Since the Olympics started I have been so enthralled in it. I can’t tell you how many times I  turn to my husband and say “can you imagine being that motivated in something?” He of course looks at me in amazement because he is the most motivated person I know. I should be taking notes from him but I guess I am just too hard headed.
Anyway, I have decided to challenge myself to be motivated. I  chose working out because I am doing really poorly.  I don’t know how many times I remind myself of how great I felt when I run, but am also reminded how hot it is outside, I couldn’t breathe or I felt crappy and that sets me back. I  came across a websites that is helping me want to begin all this motivation talk.Here are a few words from “get motivated Stay motivated”

Amberism – Saying something positive in the midst of a negative experience. It is a positive thought that we can put in mind every time we feel down or face a setback. Once we have put this in mind, quitting will be out of the way and a positive outlook is all we’ve got to succeed. When it rains, do we quit living our life? No. We stay positive and hope for the sun to come. Sometimes, we even go with the flow of the rain by enjoying it while its there. It only means that during our setbacks, we must not lose hope. We must live life and be positive about succeeding in our dreams or goals.

 A few other ideas to stay motivated is writing your goals down on paper and actually crossing them off. When I do write my goals on paper I remind myself of a child because I try to write in the best penmanship and decorate the page. I realize that 15 minutes has gone by just decorating the page. 

Keep on your toes. The minute you tell yourself every excuse in the book is when you start to fail.

Find something that will motivate you. In my case it is the swimming event in the Olympics. I used to swim on the swim team in high school. Watching them compete brings back memories of training for 2 hours a day and how great my body felt (  I swear I good breathe and sleep better)

Anyway, I hope this will help anyone if they are like me stuck in an unmotivating rut! Lets get motivated!


Sweet tooth July 29, 2008

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I was facinated by an article I read a few weeks back regarding sugar and aging.  This really hit home for me because I have a serious sweet tooth. Here are a few exerpts:

 The human body has a limited ability to break down sugar. This puts a huge strain on our system. Excess sugar in the blood causes trouble by glomming into protein molecules, an age-accelerating process called glycosylation that causes aging.  Sugar molecules gum up the collagen in your skin which makes it less elastic, wrinkling faster and heal slower if it is damaged.  Sugar build up in the body can cause a loss of energy which can lead to other age-related issues such as loss of memory, hearing, vision and heart disease just to name a few.

What can we do? Go cold turkey on processed sugar. If you can’t, cut back as far as you can. If you HAVE to eat sweets choose foods made with less heavily processed natural sugars, such as honey, maple syrup and avoid refined white sugar.  Foods sweetened naturally tend to be less refined and have more whole grains that reduce sugar load. Lastly, don’t swap your sugar for artificial sweeteners. They do more harm than good.

(information gathered from experience life magazine July/August 2008 issue)


Eat healthy be active July 25, 2008

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Since I can remember I have always been interested in staying fit and healthy eating. Or I should say staying fit and thinking about eating healthy. So I have decided to make a conscience effort to change my ways. I want to not only feel and look better, but to have a healthy body. here our some facts I found.
One-third of Americans get 47 percent of their calories from junk food. These foods taste very good, so you tend to go to them when you’re stressed or haven’t planned out your meals. A basket of corn chips at a Mexican restaurant is 550 calories, two slices of pizza pack 1,000 calories. It adds up quickly. People forget what they ate yesterday, but it’s like a bank account: your body remembers. 

You can say something nice about anybody or anything. But the fact is that a sweet potato is a much better nutritional choice than a white potato. A medium white potato has about 220 calories. A medium sweet potato has 110, it has half the glycemic index, and it’s rich in beta carotene so it provides more quality in terms of cancer prevention.  

We all know citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C, one orange has a whole day’s requirement.
Citrus juice contains flavonoids, this lowers the body’s production of cholesterol, inhibits blood clot formation and boosts the bang of vitamin C.
They’re also lowers cholesterol, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, and helps you to manage your weight.